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We provide security on a diverse range of high profile individuals

Lasorsa Private Body Guard

LaSorsa Private Body Guard & Executive Protection

North Carolina, U.S. Department of Justice, Private Protective Services Board, Certified Training Course, PPSB-11-634

Tactical_combat_casualty_care_Private Body Guard

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certified

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

Private Body Guard

Vehicle Dynamics Institute

Protective • Defensive • Evasive Driving Certified

Who we are and what we do?

We serve a diverse range of high profile individuals, organizations, and publicly traded companies in a cross section of industries and work to reduce our client’s risk in today’s increasingly dangerous and complicated world. The unique background and experience of our founding members allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective on risk/threat assessment and independent investigation. In today’s world where terrorism is a common occurrence that must be taken into account personally and organizationally, Corpotection consultants offer the client much needed assurance to travel, work and live comfortably knowing that their family, business and property are protected from the unexpected.

Private Body Guard
PI & Private Body Guard


Discreet investigative services concentrating on criminal and other improper or unethical actions by individuals which are systemic throughout the company. Corpotection is the preeminent provider of protective, travel and logistical management and security services to clients in Montreal. From full-time protective details to secure transport, event security and Private Body Guard, leverage our security expertise for peace of mind. We specialize celebrity protection and celebrity escort services, event security, residential security and other security.

Why Corpotection?


“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” – Archilochus

Training is the most critical factor to consider if deciding to hire security. Why? Because when a poorly trained employee makes a mistake, the consequences can vary. But when poorly trained Private Body Guard make a mistake, it only has to be once.

And the consequences could be dire. From personal injury to embarrassment and public relations nightmares, why run the risk?

Don’t risk your safety or security. Sleep with comfort and enjoy peace of mind: work with Corpotection, the Montreal security experts.