Executive Protection

Customized To Suit Your Unique VIP Safety and Security Needs

Corpotection is a full global VIP Executive Protection provider

Montreal , Canada based security office company .

Our VIP executive protection are customized to suit your unique safety and security needs, from threat assessments and risk assessments to secure transport, secure agent escort services–discreet or high profile–and more.

Our principle concern is to keep you safe and secure. We do this through:

  • Customized executive protection and security agent services
  • Our Montreal security executive can be temporary, part-time or full-time
  • For international travel, local events and/or everything in between
  • Celebrity protection, executive protection and bodyguard services
  • And much more. Contact us for a complimentary, discreet assessment
VIP Executive Protection
VIP Executive Protection

Our Corpotection agents specialize in:

  • Global VIP protection
  • Global celebrity protection
  • Global temporary security
  • Global stalking investigator
  • Global bodyguard
  • Global surveillance services
  • And much more. Contact us.

At Corpotection

Our VIP executive protection agents take your security serious.

We analyze every bit of information available, from visiting sites ahead of schedule to doing interviews, reviewing documents and in-depth research into potential vulnerabilities outsiders can tap into, and leverage against our Principal. Our agents then assess and recommended countermeasures and ways to protect against these risks.